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This game made me smile ear to ear :) So silly and fun!

why this game is so short....... this is hilarious. all hail MOJO. congrats getting the 8th place in LD41. i made a video of this game

hope you enjoy it!

I love this! <3

Very nice, charming and funny game you made! I've really enjoyed my time playing yo, and keeping up the mojo as well :D

I made a video playing your game:

if you want to check, best of luck for your future projects, keep it up, cheers!

Thanks for featuring this game in your video :) cheers!

Thank you for making the game!

We couldn't stop laughing at the bowling pins. Wrote a review about your game to tell our fans =]:

Thanks a lot, glad this little game made you laugh :D

A game for all the cool kids out there yo!

Thanks for playing yo!

C'était trop bien >:^D Le shopping meilleur partie en vrai

Merci beaucoup <3