October 1738, Somewhere in the French countryside

You are a rich and bored aristocrat in Rococo France, stuck in your noble domain, with nothing to entertain yourself but your sassy mind and the many admirers you met in the city.

Keep the flame alive by sending the right love letters to your highly jealous and demanding lovers.

When answering an admirer, choose the right sentences with the appropriate tone - sentimental, passionate or cheeky - in order to fuel that ardent fire. Sometimes keeping them waiting might be a better solution than expressing the wrong sentiment… What’s certain is that disappointing their amorous expectations could well be the last thing that you do.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(56 total ratings)
AuthorZak Amana
Made withUnity
TagsFunny, Historical, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 46, Narrative, Short
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Amazing game! 24 days was a good run, and I didn't expect Clotilde to straight up kill me 


Amazingly fun game! I feel like there's not enough letter writing games, and I'm so glad to have found this one- and a unique one too! My first gameplay lasted 9 days, but I think I'm gonna play this a bunch and hopefully beat that ;) 

Welp, 2 days.  I have no idea how to please Jacques. Him pushing me off a cliff was hilarious though.

I lasted 14 days on my most recent playthrough, but I come back to this game rather often!!

I lasted 22 days this time -- I'm getting up there!

New record: 33 days!

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With only 2 plays so far I already love it!

It was so funny to me how my first round was 4 days because it took me 2 days to learn to play. I plan to get over 12 days, I shall not have favorites no more.

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i see people complaining about how many days they lasted. I lasted 2


This is honestly one of my favorite games, in any medium. I've played it so many times that I've achieved a personal high score of 51 days...


Well thank you very much for your lovely comment! It's great to know this little game can entertain :) 51 days is utterly insane, congrats to you! and Happy New Year!

I lasted...6 days... But the game is amazing !


12 days, agh, it's agonizing but such a clever game

i lasted 8 days

oof i died fast

Pretty nice game. I lasted 12 days for my first time. :)


I lasted 9 days the first time, 7 the second. Pretty difficult to balance everybody's interests and to remember if the rest of your deck was full of passion or soul, but I enjoy a challenge. Solid game! 9/10.

A fun little game and quite challenging to play! I love games inspired by letter-writing and it was fun to cobble together amorous phrases. I only lasted 9 days, but they were a fun 9 days.

I love this game! The dialogue is funny, I like the artstyle, and it seems pretty polished. Great job! (I lasted 19 days)

This game is so unique and cool! It is a lot of fun!