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Good, the music is something I would listen too by itself


I like it.




Really cool concept, and great execution!

Honestly with a bigger skill tree and more difficult maps, or possibility to go deeper / start deeper to find more challenging digging, this would make a game I would happily pay for.

so cute and addictive ! i love it ! 🍓🍓🍓🍓


I am addicted. 

the map itself should get a little bit harder after getting the bonus traits in my opinion.  It's still great this way but after you get most of the traits it starts to be repetitive/not challenging enough.  I tried to challenge myself by cleaning everything possible on the screen. 
Great game! 

so adorable and fun


skn;mrlgdm'ln fab ,fnlv.b  .k;ngsb

Very cool project!

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i want to do NOT lose my progess

Funny game, Love the graphics...

Good game, may become a good relax game one day.

This is really awesome, i play this for 1 hour and 30min., and haved fun all the time ,  waiting for the news updates and levels !!! Great Job

Hey hey, this is awesome! Any chance of a downloadable version?

Thanks for playing :) I'm quite busy at the moment on other projects but I'll do an .exe whenever I have time.

No problem - and of course, of course haha, that'd be great if ever you did manage to get the time. :)

That would be awesome! It'd make preserving your progress between sessions a lot easier and more reliable :D

Fuck! I just played for an hour and accidentally closed the page! 

ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻(Knock down the table)

this is a really fun and good roguelite, the music is thrilling and makes the blood pump for me and give m a good amount of adreline and this is a really good and fun game.

This somehow got me hooked long enough to get all upgrades, so good job on that.


I really enjoyed this game, it was great playing it, very fun :)

If this game would be developed more I can suggest one thing, which is to make some kind of ending or winning text or picture, I bought all the upgrades and it would have been really cool if I had a kind of reward picture or text for finishing :) a little suggestion but I really enjoyed it nonetheless!! love the art style. Amazing job!


This is an awesome game !!! I had a good time playing it and killed it. By the way, I just found a BUG (seems to be a bug). When you launch a boom, and then started a battle right away, you can actually avoid the damage caused by the boom. I just used that BUG to survive once. HAHAHA, LOL! Wish all the best for the Authur. 

If it is possible, I am looking forward to a bigger version which consists of different and more difficult levels. 

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Ya i found that too

There's one more bug that is if you quickly break a block under you and move left or right you can break the block below you and move aside not falling down but you need to do this quick.


Hi! thanks a lot for your feedback :) it's actually coded that way because I feared it would feel frustrating for the player to get damaged by the bomb while in combat. But I agree, it feels like a bug.

Hope you had fun!

... this is great ... i just spent my whole lunch playing it lol


This is a really good game! Some suggestions for a full version (possibly) would be the following

First, I'd try to revise the already made things. Pretty much everything is fine except for the monster blocks and bombs. It doesn't take too long to find out what each block does, and I often avoid them just because they're usually not worth it. I guess there's a bit of gold to be gained, but it really is;t much at all since gold is plentiful elsewhere. I'd add one of two options. One, you have them drop a special ore available to only them, making it worthwhile to attack them. Two, make them harder and a sort of mid-boss. The first one I think is the most likely. Bombs on the other hand are supposed to be obstacles, but really aren't a challenge to maneuver through. I'd probably make them invisible, more scarsem=, and have a longer wait time to let the player register that there's an invisible bomb and run. 

Now it's time for the things that I want, but I'll be fine without. I want a pickaxe selection screen where you can buy pickaxes for gold and other materials. This would be fun because they'd have an exchange where there might be a sword in the shop that allows fighting to be easier but mining takes longer, or a large pickaxe that makes your bunny move slower, but mines quicker or something. This would be a lot of work though so I wouldn't really expect it. Another thing I'd want is a world system, which allows you to get different ores per area. Like maybe there's a sea area where dirt is now sand but you can find seashells that you can use to upgrade your pickaxe. And instead of your torch running out, it'd be you running out of air. The last thing I'd want but isn't necessary is for it to become a mobile game. I would definitely be able to play it more and my progress would save, expecting that there'd be more rewards in the full version.

Alright, that's all I wanted to write. Tell me how I did since this was my first time doing it and I need feedback. Also, I'm not telling you to do these things, just saying things that came across my mind while playing and wanted to say. Oh, wait, for this reviewing thing I need a rating, uhhhhhh...

 9.5 carrots out of 10.

Inspired by a Dig Dug game, Bunny Bunny Dig Dig is a very enjoyable but very quick game. Despite this, the game manages to get itself played.

Great, I love it.

very nice game! i finished it in like an hour and i really liked it!

Nice game!

Very nice Game

great game!

A very cute game with a lot of potential. I’ve been playing during my lunch break today and have reached the bottom after my 5th go at it. I can tell that a lot of effort went into this game and id love to see more of it in the future but for now I’m content with what is available.

aay i made it to 199m with an outstanding pickaxe

this is also a suprisngly surpently good game

i will never learn how to spell, excuse my insolnce


Time to write a paragraph on a game in ~10 minutes when I can't even write an essay when given a month. Well, here goes!

I really enjoyed this game for a few reasons. The art is very cute, and definitely adds a lot of character to an already fun game. The upgrades also add a lot, and it gives you a reason to try again, to test out your new upgrades and acquire more upgrades. The game is also balanced since you lose a percentage of your items at the end. I reeeeally want to see a full version, with visual upgrades along side the non-visual ones, with maybe a story and different characters, or as a part of a larger game, as I think the art style and programming combined make for a great gaming experience.

9/10 would recommend 

Thanks for playing & taking the time to write a review :)

It's true that you lose a % of the loot when you die. However, I know several people didn't notice that if you took the elevators that sometimes appear on the sides of the mine, you'd get to keep all the loot & get back to the village ;) I definitely should make them more visible.

I didn't realize until I'd made it to the bottom the first time ;D


Great game! would love to see this fully fleshed out! (could be good on mobile!? maybe swipe left right or down?) could see all kinds of different monsters and traps you could do, also maybe bosses and harder levels (for harder levels i would assume blocks would be higher chance of stone than dirt, then obsidian higher than both... maybe more block types? also more sparse torches but higher value gems?) either way, i'd pay for a full version of this game so i hope you pursue it!

One small exploit you should know about (you might already) is that if you start the countdown on a bomb and then enter a battle the bomb will go off while you are in the battle state and not harm you. This might be intentional, and if so its a cool mechanic. 

Thanks a lot for playing the game and for your suggestions! I had all of these in mind when making the game but ran out of time for the boss & harder levels unfortunately. Definitely something I want to explore if I get back on this project.

This "bomb exploit" was indeed intentional: I didn't want the player to feel frustrated by getting hurt by the bomb while they were in combat or getting blown up as soon as they returned to the digging.


One of the things I really appreciate (besides it being adorable, with great graphics, and fun to play) is how well balanced the game is. I never once run into a situation where I had to get damage, there was always a way to avoid it. I just often died because I rushed into it :D


OwO I like it :D


Excellent game ! Probably the best I tried of Ludum Dare 48 ! Beautiful graphics, excellent gameplay with progression and all, it got me involved ! I wish it would have a way to officially "win". Best game !

this is so great



i honestly loved the game, it looks like a mobile spelunky (in a good way) 

the skill tree is amazing, the gameplay itself is good, and the risk and reward is really good, putting some ores around enemies is genious! there are so many good desing decisions, i just wanted to point out some things:

the bottom looks like an OOB area, when it acctualy isnt.

During my entire playthrough i just found 2 different enemies, bat and white bat.

i did not hear boss music (you could add a boss in the bottom that gave you diamonds) 

but really good game! im surprised that you made it under 48 hours

This is a very good game! If this were expanded on, this would be amazing!

This is a cute game.


the game won't load for me :(

Deleted 2 years ago

hello! sorry that you encounter an issue :( Are you using Internet Explorer by any chance? If so, I'd suggest using either Chrome, Edge or Firefox to try loading the game.

Deleted 2 years ago
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