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Needs instructions on

  •  how to "bring back your loot through the Elevators" (though I did figure it out)
  • how movement works (eg you can hop up one brick)
  • Where the heck you get the bug gems (diamonds?) for upgrades
  • Apart from obstacles, is there any benefit to combat?
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Quick update: the diamonds eventually showed up. Don't know what the trigger is though. Can't get a consistent hop movement working either.

Maxed upgrades, made it to the bottom. Wish there was an ending.

  • Agreed! Definitely need clearer instructions about the Elevators.
    The "hop up one brick" thing is definitely a bug, you're not supposed to be able to do that :p
  • Diamonds are randomly spawned starting a certain depth, but the spawn rate could be higher. For the game jam I idn't have time to implement a condition that offers at least one diamond if you make it to the bottom.
  • The combat is a risk/reward situation: you can get killed, but you also get loot if you're victorious (note that it doesn't consume your torch while you're in combat, so you don't really lose in-game time).

    Thanks a lot for playing and for your feedback :)

Is there a way to go lower than 198m?


Unfortunately not in the game jam version. I had planned to add a boss at the end, but ended up not having the time. If I make a full version of the game I'll definitely add more features/a deeper mine to explore.

Thanks for playing :) 

fun but now diamonds do not spawn...

awesome game 👍

combat sold me, what a well made game!


I just did a speedrun of the game. World Record I guess :)

Dig...........Thats it thats the whole comment


Finished the game!


Great game, but I got softlocked in combat with an enemy continually attacking just offstage

Same thing happened to me :/


ah sorry about that :( I think I've fixed it with the latest version, but let me know if it happens again!

Welp just happened to me around 2:30 yesterday

I didnt post this then because i didnt verify my account


Thanks for the feedback! 

Indeed, I noticed after I posted the comment above that the bug came from somewhere else. I've since fixed it (after your 2:30 yesterday playthrough) and haven't been able to reproduce the bug since then.


Thanks man love the game by the way very fun i just wish there was a way to save your progress like when I close my laptop the game resets other than that amazing game


Bro! Please make a full release of this game. I would totally pay money for a fleshed out version of this. Bravo!


great game!


i like the artstyle and the theme. It reminds me a little bit of 'Dug' or 'Dig' dunnow what it was called back from the old days. I hope you're following through and making it a full game after the contest. This has potential.

Don't eat the devs.

Very polished and juicy entry. That's a five stars from me, guy.

Digging games are not usually my thing, but I like the way you integrate combat with this one.  I agree with others who have stated it would be awesome to have a version of this to run offline on a device.  One thing I've noticed is that sometimes enemies stay to the side where you can't hit them (though at least they can't attack you either).  Is that intentional?

Hey :) thanks for playing! No it definitely was a bug that would lock you in combat. It's fixed in the latest version!

This is really great! the skill tree is challenging to level up in the beginning but I am glad I stuck it out!

I would love to have this installed in my phone and play it on the go. This is just too incredible!

Great game! Amazing deep  gameplay, nice art and sound, really well executed.


Such a great game!!


Really enjoyed it! <3

i loved it 


seriously really fun!


such a fun game!


Super cute and addictive. Loved it, wish it had an endless mode. 


Very nice!


Wow... I do not know how you could do so much in so little. You're an inspiration.

Amazing Game!!!


How u do dis in 48 hours. You're a god. Great game!!!

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